Little Lamp Company

A family run business out of Belgium, with 10 years experience in selling gift lamps, now releasing our own range.
Our lamps are crafted from our own hand made designs. 


We source the bodies and LED's from across Europe, and assemble and distribute from our warehouse in Belgium.
In the box: lamp, 12v adapter, instructions, energy label and, 2 year warranty certificate.

  • Our lamps are initially modeled in clay, so you can expect the surface to be uneven in a lovely hand crafted way.
  • The resulting moulds are then hand baked and hand painted so you will notice a significant variation in colour/texture/shadows even between the 2 same styles.
  • At night, in particular in our "nightsky blue" lamps (where we exploit air bubbles to give a lovely starry effect) you may see some air bubbles.
  • And varying flows and thickness of the material that results in lovely shades that only show up at night when lit. The lamp's "fingerprint".
  • For the finishing touch, our lamps are hand painted.
  • Combined these effects deliver the level of simple charm and high quality that represents our brand.

...this level of craftsmanship ensures each lamp is unique to you. Perfectly imperfect. Just like nature.