Or Tea? Special tea treasure box

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It's truly a treasure because this SpecialTea Treasure contains only the very specialty teas in a fancy paper box, which you can also use to show off your taste when serving a cuppa to friends at home or clients in the office.

SpecicalTea Treasure (Version II)

  • EnerGinger (Ginger Tea)
  • Mount Feather (Green Tea)
  • Yin Yang (Coffee Flavoured Black Tea)
  • Ginseng Beauty (Green and Herbal Infusion)
  • The Playful Pear (Double Green Tea with Pear) 
  • Queen Berry (Fruit infusion) 
  • Kung Flu Fighter (Herbal Infusion)
  • Detoxania (Herbal Infusion) 
  • CuBaMint (Herbal Infusion) 
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