Beck Söndergaard

Becksöndergaard Copenhagen was founded in 2003 by Lis Beck and Anna Søndergaard. Sharing a strong passion for fashion and possessing a strong entrepreneurial drive, they decided to build an accessory brand that offered affordable and stylish designs with a personal look that would last for more than one season.

Becksöndergaard quickly established itself as an innovative brand on the Scandinavian fashion scene and today shows four yearly collections of accessories offering scarves, knit, bags, purses, belts, and jewelry. The designs are unmistakably Scandinavian with a personal, quirky touch which is seen in color choices, details and the hand-drawn, almost art like prints on the scarves that have become the signature of the brand. Do not be surprised to see a baby deer wearing a pointed hat while balancing on top of the Earth, accompanied by floating balloons and funky cats.

Unique to the brand is the scarf collection, which features a wide selection of designs in luxurious wool, silk, modal, cashmere and cotton qualities with unique hand-drawn prints offered in an abundance of color choices at affordable prices.

A resent development is the new Becksöndergaard bag collection designed with the brands DNA “Rebellious Love” in mind. Raw leather, sophisticated details and functionality are the keywords used in the design process where the aim is to offer designer leather bags of high quality at affordable prices.