Caramel & cie

Caramel et cie is the new fashion bags and satchel brand for kids and young girls launched by Rafaela Garcia, the founder and designer of Petit Caramel. Because little princesses become demanding teenagers, their glitter satchel becomes fashion backpack, backpacks become chic student bag shoulder strap

 But whatever the accessory she draws, Rafaela Garcia will seek inspiration in his youth memories. Those beautiful moments that marks you for a lifetime. Among those there is Caramelo, her found dog who came to spend his nose through the gate of his home in Caracas. What a pleasure for a 8 years old little girl that to be chosen as a friend by this wandering little dog! One day, when she was a teenager he went away as he came, but he stayed in her heart forever.

 If today, her brand is named Caramel & Cie, it is to infuse in each other creations the spirit of those moments of unique joy of which we remember with emotion. The South American passion comes smearing of colors spots the French contemporary style to give a solar collection, trendy, playful and intelligent.

 It’s not just the first satchel, a school backpack, a student shoulder bag.. It’s a game she created, a seduction accessory that she imagined, an emotion moment she created, to tell to ourselves or to share with mommy, its brothers or sisters, its first love or its best friend. Because those pretty moments are gifts from life, caramel et cie turns then unforgettable.


An ethic commitment


To Rafaela Garcia, design accessories that make sens with products that make sens is an evidence. Caramel & cie works with independent workshops in Vietnam. Why independent workshops and not factories? Because they train and employ seamstresses and leathers goods that exercise a handicraft job allowing them to acquire a financial independence from huge factories that repeat everyday same gestures on same pieces of fabric.


Each year, Rafaela goes to Vietnam to supervise workshops selection that will realize the production of her satchels, bags, and back packs.