Cos I Said So

All garments of the COS I SAID SO collection are made out of comfortable, organic cotton, so your little one will enjoy wearing them. they  believe good quality is key, especially since baby clothing gets worn so thoroughly. The neck openings are super stretchy so you will have no struggle getting your child un/dressed. Size 56-62 always comes with neck buttons. 

COS I SAID SO wants to offer a more grown up look for your little ones

The look of COS I SAID SO is very minimal and mostly unisex. It reflects their own style. An urban cool collection with an adult twist. You will definitely feel the 80-90ies vibe.

At COS I SAID SO they don't believe in 'seasons' ,as there is no such thing as winter & summer clothing in thei opinion. So all year round you can shop cool basics, and they will often add new pieces to the all year round collection. No seasons, no rules.

Some items are limited edition and won't be carried through, so buy now or cry later.