Or Tea? Tin canister Cuba mint

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There’s a new must-have superfood in the market. It’s not cucumber, not basil, and certainly not mint. It’s CuBaMint! Full of nutrients, this unidentified species keeps you hydrated all day long. A blend so desirable, only Wilma in her foot-powered convertible can reach the secret stash in the sky. If that sounds too surreal, try ordering it next time at a hipster bar near you – make it a CuBaMint on ice, please!

Ingredients Peppermint, Apple Pomace, Cucumber, Apple, Rosehip, Acid: Citric Acid, Basil, Flavouring, Cornflower Petals.
Aroma Irresistible burst of cucumber, fresh basil and cooling peppermint scents will get your feet moving.
Flavour Triple the taste sensations with smooth cucumber, sweet basil and crisp mint complemented by a hint of fruit.
Caffeine Level FREE
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