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With an average capacity of 15l, school bag, sports bag or extra bag, the classic backpack is very versatile. Made from high-quality, water-repellent materials, it offers identical finishes to those of our school bags. The classic backpack combines the qualities of a school satchel and a backpack; solidity, protection of the contents, hold, lightness and versatility, all with the inimitable style of Caramel & Cie.

Stylish and comfortable
Refined with its dragonfly golden embroidery, it has an interior structure with reinforcements on the back and front to ensure its hold, even when it is not very full. Thickly padded on the back panel and shoulder straps, it offers optimal shoulder and back comfort.

The classic backpack contains, for example, a large 24x32cm sorter or a 13-inch computer, two notebooks and a pencil case in its large central compartment.An inside pocket allows you to isolate your important papers or store a tablet. The two-way zipper drops low on the sides of the bag for easy access to the bottom.

The seams are reinforced at the points of wear and the outer material is abrasion resistant and water repellent

Which backpack to choose? The choice of a backpack depends on the content to be carried. The classic backpack will do well enough as a school bag for primary school, as a sport bag or as a backpack for the office. For secondary school, full day, the load of supplies may be too important, and we recommend the large ergonomic backpack instead.
Dimensions : 30 x 40 x 13 cm

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