Medium schoolbag pop unicorn 38 x 31x12 cm

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Medium 38cm school bag, school bag with two compartments for primary school, for a child from 5 to 8 years old, or from 1.10m to 1.30m tall.

A schoolbag with a unique design of a multicolored unicorn on a golden faux leather background, a deliciously retro-pop style.

Lightweight and durable schoolbag
Made from high-quality materials, designed for intensive use, the Caramel & Co school bag is designed to be as light as possible. The seams are reinforced at the points of wear, the materials water repellent and abrasion resistant, the back and sides reinforced to protect the contents of the bag throughout a day at school.

Comfortable and ergonomic satchel
For your child's comfort, our adjustable shoulder straps adopt an ergonomic S-shape, inspired by hiking bags, but much more glamorous! Likewise, the anatomical design of the back is reinforced with a thick layer of foam, and honeycomb mesh to wick away moisture in summer.

Responsible schoolbag
Designed in France and then produced in our factory dedicated to eco-responsible products, the Pop Unicorn school bag is fully lined with recycled polyester, to fight waste with style. The metal clasps are replaceable to increase its lifespan. All materials are washable with soap and water.

Practical satchel
Equipped with two spacious interior compartments the medium satchel contains two binders, 24x32cm files, several books or and two pencil cases. Its large exterior pocket with a keyring carabiner, closes with Velcro and is big enough for your child to carry a snack or all their little treasures.
Original and designed to last, this wonderful school bag will allow your daughter to take off on new adventures every school day

Which satchel to choose? The choice of a satchel depends on the load to be carried, as well as the kid’s stature. The medium satchel is specially designed to fit children from 1,1m to 1,30m, and its capacity matches the supplies volume needed in primary school first years.
Dimensions : 38 x 33 x 16 cm

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