Or Tea? Tin canister Detoxania 100 gr

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Discover a place where you and nature are in perfect harmony. Just like a chameleon, your ever-changing eternal beauty is celebrated by the radiance of your skin shining through the night. There is an untold secret far away from where your heart still resides. Rather than tell you what it is, come find out for yourself in Detoxania.

Ingredients Green Tea*, Apple*, Fennel*, Rosehip Shells*, Turmeric*, White Hibiscus*, Lavender*, Ginger*, Juniper Berry*, Black Pepper*, Rose Petals*, Natural Flavouring.
Aroma Complex yet rejuvenating fruity and floral undertones swirl together with a hint of lavender and fennel.
Flavour A burst of sweet and tartness that delight and enliven the senses.
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