Blank notebook Redo Papers

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Release your inner child with this firm blank notebook: draw, scribble, color, cut, and paste. Sketch carefree across two pages, thanks to coptic binding. Let’s play!

Notice my sturdy sleeve? This one-of-a-kind redocover serves as your notebook’s personal bodyguard. Protecting it from cuts, bumps, and bruises over and over again. We made it out of recycled plastic banners—and not just any plastic banners, but the finest we managed to find. Carefully selected, made to last.


  • Size: 14 x 20 cm (w x l)
  • Pages: 160
  • Layout: blank
  • Binding: coptic stitch
  • Waste material: 100% reused papers & plastic


Waste as a new start

Redopapers starts from waste. We turn the common production model upside down. First we look for available waste streams, then we start designing our product. Makes sense, right?

Daily use

Redopapers designs practical and beautiful paper tools, made from the collected paper waste. The products are known for their minimalistic design that anyone can customise accordingly.

Creative and unique

Waste is unpredictable. That is why nobody will ever own the same paper goods. It is incredibly exciting to cut different posters each time. The result that emerges is always surprising. Every product is unique.

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