Janneke's warmtesjaal

FAST WARM UP IN the microwave oven-heat use scarf is very simple and works the same as the well-known pittenzak: an inside pocket filled with wheat, which after several minutes warm up in the microwave a delicious heat.

WARM UP AND RELAXATION - Heat relaxes, relieves pain (think of neck, abdominal or muscle pain) and is of course wonderful as you just cold.

DETACHABLE COVER that CAN IN the WASHING MACHINE-the cover of the Heat scarf is detachable and can be used in a washing machine. This keeps the heat scarf bright and you have longer pleasure of.
8 BOXES FILLED with WHEAT - The inside pocket of the heat scarf is divided into eight boxes (each box is filled with wheat). The filling remains so well distributed (does not sag to one side) and can best produce heat.

MATERIAL - The cover is 100% cotton and available in multiple colors.

EXTRA LONG - The heat scarf is no less than 70 cm (!) long and therefore falls over your shoulders, abdomen or back.

MADE IN HOLLAND - All heat scarves are made with love and attention in Netherlands. Handmade!