Cîme Nuts about you shampoo

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  • Himalayan soap nuts

Based on an ancient Himalayan tradition, we use organic soap nuts that naturally wash your hair. Soap nuts clean the hair thoroughly, without stripping necessary nutrients from your hair and scalp. They are a natural alternative to aggressive detergents.

  • Himalayan green tea & pea peptides

A combination of green tea antioxidants and pea peptides softens the hair, strengthens the hair roots and creates more volume.

  • Beetroot extract

Beetroot extract conditions the hair, makes it more elastic and protects it against heat.

Organic and natural. Not tested on animals. No parabens, no (synthetic) perfume, no phenoxyethanol.
With every product purchased, we donate part of the proceeds to the Little Doctors school project in the Nepalese Himalayas. 

Contents: 290 ML
Use before: 18 months after opening

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