Hand soap 250 ml. 'bring out the bubbles'

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A real gem from our fresh linen range: the 250ml hand soap with gold details and transparent glass. Enjoy fresh linen and leave your home smelling like freshly washed bedding. Perfect for the toilet, kitchen or bathroom.

Fresh Linen is an absolute favourite and smells wonderfully soft. The combination of fruity lemon and soft cotton, makes it a lovely scent for everyone. Perfect for gift giving, for example.

All our hand soaps are vegan and 100% junk-free. This means that no animal substances are used and no ingredients such as parabens, palm oil, SLS or microplastic are added either.

Also, did you know that our products are made in a social workenvironment in the Netherlands? This is where people with a distance to the labour market are employed, who for whatever reason need extra support to perform work.

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