Mel'tz - Zodiac collectie - Virgo

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For the constellation Virgo, a fragrance with notes of jasmine was chosen.
The gems in this candle are jasper kamballa and carnelian.

Virgos have their birthdays between August 23 and September 22.

Jasper kamballa

possesses unique and powerful energies
helps purify the emotional body and make it stronger
is the stone of spiritual growth
has a detoxifying effect


works grounding
improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals
is uplifting
gives self-confidence

This beautiful candle was finished with dried flowers and has a burning time of +/- 40 hours.
Because gemstones have a natural origin, 2 candles will never look exactly the same. The candle you receive may therefore look slightly different than in the photo.

Attention! Never let these candles burn unattended.
If possible, remove the flowers and gemstones before burning the candle to avoid an increased fire hazard.


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