Soof zakje - Black

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Need a bag for all your technological gadgets or do you prefer a minimal toiletry bag on the go? The Soof bag is a multifunctional pouch made from recycled materials.

The Soof bag is made of circular fabric. Collected unusable clothing is fiberized and spun again into a thread. New fabrics are woven from this thread, which are transformed into beautiful accessories.

The finish in leather comes from the remains of a leather company.

Be the fibre

Every be the fibre product has a story and is made from fibred clothing, bamboo, marine litter... The proceeds go to beautiful development projects.

By choosing be the fibre you choose for humanity and our planet.


Not all, but many textile companies have a significant ecological footprint. As a result, seas and oceans are polluted with plastic microfibers. In this industry, workers also often work in appalling and unsafe conditions. It is time for a change, change that we also want to contribute to from be the fibre.

Be the fibre is an initiative of World Mission Aid. Our organization started looking for external partners to evolve from a linear operation to circularity. The high-quality collected clothing is still sold, but the remaining part is now fiberized and processed into new items and accessories. In our offer we also include other circular products that are made from bamboo and marine waste, among other things.


Be the fibre originated from an internal drive to do business creatively and above all socially responsible and to give something back to society and our planet.

With be the fibre, we are switching from our linear operation to a circular approach with a clear vision: employing people in a sustainable way, creating circular products and using the proceeds to finance as many sustainable development projects as possible.

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